The Life of a Sour Panda- Patch One

Typical girl stuff


Well it all began when my parents divorced, but it really shouldn’t start there. No we will start with my first “love” the drummer. We started dating in the summer of eighth grade we both went to the same school and church, so life was pretty good for me. My¬† mom got married to my stepfather and I had a new family, boyfriend, and life.

Since you really don’t know me my town consist of two hundred people and a school that consists of about one hundred and eighty kids. This will be a very big contributing factor into all of this. When you’re from a small town area like me rumors spread and they are not pretty.

Anyway, drummer and I were sorta in “love” I guess you can say. We had major differences in the way we were brought up and definitely in our learning abilities. He still found me attractive somehow and that is what attracted me to him other than his humor and the way he smiled.

We dated about three years; I will admit those three years were not the best. We should not have kept dating and stayed just friends. It was what he did to me while we slowly started to fade is what hurt me the most. He tried to date another girl behind my back.

I already know what you’re thinking ‘Boohoo poor sourpanda everyone goes through that.’ Yes at times someone has been through that, but it was worse than you really think. He wasn’t going after some girl from a different school like most boys do in my area. No he went after the girl I introduced him to in the band when he joined.

He would consistently flirt with her while we were in the same room and even tried to ditch me for her during games. When it was to the point where we broke up (which was my birthday) he had already taken her out on dates and tried to tell her they would be together even after he graduated and moved for college.

Then the rumors started…

Author: sourpanda

just trying to get through life one post at a time

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